NEW CURVE500 HDMI 500ft Wireless Transmission System



Designed for DSLR or mirrorless HDMI cameras, the new CURVE500 transmits HDMI over 500ft/150m distance wirelessly, up to 1080p60 formats. 


CURVE500 adopts Professional KUWI wireless video tech - the same tech as SWIT FLOW series, not like the low end WIFI video transmitters, the CURVE500 supports stable connection at any complex environment and has stronger wall-cross capability. It's 5GHz lisence-free wireless frequency, and DFS comply, CE/FCC certificated.


The Transmitter has HDMI input and HDMI loop out for camera monitor and the Receiver has 2x HDMI outputs. Both Transmitter and Receiver have NP-F plate built-in, and support 7-17V DC-IN socket. Aluminium housing, light weight.


CURVE500 will be available soon around May to June, 2020.


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